House rules

Royal Manor Inn House Rules

These set of rules along with the standard RTA rules and regulation form the only contract for residential purpose between the Tenant and the Landlord.

  1. The tenancy is between the Tenant and the Landlord and no other, if at any time thru the tenancy, additional person(s) stay or live for a period over 3 days in a month in the unit occupied by the Tenant, it is the Tenant responsibility to report to the Landlord such a change. Additional persons are not allowed without written consent from the Landlord, and increased rent amount.
  2. Guests have to be registered in the lobby registry, and are not allowed to be alone in the unit. Failure to comply iit is considered a material breach of this contract therefore subject to eviction.
  3. The Tenant is responsible for removing from its unit all perishable and non usable waste to the appropriate waste disposal stations located on each floor of the building or in the lobby.
  4. When a tenant uses common area facilities (kitchens, bathrooms, showers) it is his(her) responsibility to clean after the area used and to leave ready for next user, using common based respect is expected.
  5. No signs, flags, or other paraphernalia is allowed to be displayed on windows or doors.
  6. The manager/caretaker office is not open 24 hours, please use emergency contact #’s if required and other contact means (email).
  7. This is a self-regulated building and as such a cctv monitor system is in place for everybody security and safety. It is the responsibility of each tenant not to allow entry to the building to strangers. Non-compliance of this rule will induce an eviction notice.
  8. Smoking of any sort (pot, tobacco, e-cigarette) is prohibited in the building common areas and individual units. Medicinal or Recreational Pot smoking is not allowed inside the building or units.
  9. The landlord and management of this building is in full cooperation with the VPD and any illegal or unlawful activities by tenants or guest will be reported and notices issued.
  10. The Tenants is responsible for his (her) guest at all times and for all actions. No guest is allowed to be in the units without a tenant, if such a use is necessary the tenant is to ask specific permission from the landlord. 
  11. Non-compliance of this rule will induce an immediate eviction notice.
  12. In addition to the City of Vancouver noise by-law (fully enforced in this building) the Landlord and management request that noise levels (from radio, dvd, tv,) be kept at low level at all times thru the day and night .
  13. Move out time is always intended to be no later than 11am on the last day of the month.
  14. The landlord and management have (0) No tolerance for abuse (of any sort) towards members of the staff and contractors. Non-compliance of this rule will induce immediate eviction notice.
  15. Full month notice is required in order to have deposits returned.
  16. Tenants or their guests are not allowed to bring dogs into the building
  17. There is a $25.00 late fee if rent is not paid on the 1st of every month unless arrangements with management are made otherwise

    Common Sense Tips

    1. Do not let other people come in at the front door when entering or leaving the building.
    2. Please empty your waste basket often in our larger waste baskets located in the lobby and common areas (kitchen-laundry-meeting) rooms to avoid pest infestations.
    3. If using kitchen, please clean after use and be mindful of others wanting to use (there are 4 kitchens in the building), same goes for laundry rooms (2)
    4. When using showers, toilets or sinks, please leave facilities clean for others to use as well.
    5. Keep your noise level low in your unit or when using common areas, most tenants are resting due to different shifts.
    6. Loitering in hallways or common areas is not allowed.
    7. Rent payment is always on 1st of month. move-out day is always on last day of month and time is 11am

    Things You Should Know

    1. This is a rooming house and as such subject to city of vancouver applicable bylaws, mainly those applicable to the tenants well being and unit’s standards of maintenance. Report to lobby” log book” or directly to management any deficiencies or unruly tenants.
    2. Overnight guests are to be registered at the front desk daily “guest registry log”
    3. Be sure to give valid notice when you decide to leave, in order to ensure the return of your deposits money.
    4. Tenants are not allowed to place signs or any other sign paraphernalia on the windows or outside their doors